Intervention Diagnostics, Inc. is a healthcare company
specializing in electrochemical sensor development.

Intervention Diagnostics, Inc., is a healthcare company with specialized expertise in electrochemical sensor development for the worldwide diagnostics market.  The company became operational in 2005.  Our President, Jim Connolly founded the company to focus on development and delivery of formatted blood tests to the consumer diabetes and other healthcare diagnostics markets.  With this focus, the market opportunity for IVD is enormous.

Jim Connolly has over 30 years of experience in developing electrochemical sensors in the diabetes care market and he continues to lead the company as we develop new and innovative products supported by many patents.  With a very robust market for glucose testing devices already available in the market, IVD intends to complement that market by developing tests for diagnosing the complications that can result from diabetes.

Other key benefits of the products being developed at IVD are lower costs and speed of results.  Our tests will replace expensive and time consuming laboratory tests that currently require expensive equipment and/or extensive laboratory infrastructure.  All of the tests we are developing are capable of providing a results within a few seconds from a single drop of blood.

Market advantages from our products:

  • Comprehensive, accurate blood profiles that can be performed by anyone, anywhere
  • Only one small drop of whole blood is required
  • Test results provided in few seconds
  • Greatly reduced costs compared to current methods

We have made great progress over the years and look forward the launching of our first products in the first half of 2016.  We hope to continue that success over the next few years by launching tests for a myriad of blood chemistries to support diagnosis of a wide variety of therapeutic areas.